Chapter 3: Gloomy Colours, What Say You?

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Puffy Princess Blouse
The lantern design is simply lovable! Up to your creativity to match with different styles. Add on a belt to create a luxurious princess style!
Length: 67 cm
Width at bust: 40cm
(Measurements while laying flat)


(Without Flash)

(With Flash)

Polka Long Singlet with lace
Check out the lace at the bottom. Translucence polka dots is simply dazzling.


Knitted Pinafore
(Check out the second picture for the knitted details.)

Match-able with almost everything. Tee, spaghetti, blouse..etc
It's one of a kind! Oh did I mention that there's a cute ribbon on the pinafore?
Simply gorgeous!


The yellow blouse is available HERE