Chapter 5 : Bow Wow!

Please note that black colour is available for this pant, not white.

OL Bowlicious Lantern Black Satin Pants
Needless to say, it's gorgeous! With the bows at the side, simply adorable! Lantern design adds up to the sleek and slim design! Totally irresistible!
Waist: 68CM
Length: 57CM
Suits size S-M


Black - Available
(Non restockable, grab while it is still available! Selling fast!)

Chapter 4: Formal yet casual look

Formal Top with Bow
Stretchable at the back, the cutting is kinda slimming type.

RM 35

Grey Skorts (Skirt-like Pants)
It is almost similar with the black skorts below, other than the part where the waist of the skorts are much thicker. It's grey in colour by the way, gorgeous!

RM 28

Striped Formal Set
Comes in two separated pieces - the vest and the shirt
Definitely one of the must have!
Oh oh did I mention about the stripes?


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