Chapter 5 : Bow Wow!

Please note that black colour is available for this pant, not white.

OL Bowlicious Lantern Black Satin Pants
Needless to say, it's gorgeous! With the bows at the side, simply adorable! Lantern design adds up to the sleek and slim design! Totally irresistible!
Waist: 68CM
Length: 57CM
Suits size S-M


Black - Available
(Non restockable, grab while it is still available! Selling fast!)

Chapter 4: Formal yet casual look

Formal Top with Bow
Stretchable at the back, the cutting is kinda slimming type.

RM 35

Grey Skorts (Skirt-like Pants)
It is almost similar with the black skorts below, other than the part where the waist of the skorts are much thicker. It's grey in colour by the way, gorgeous!

RM 28

Striped Formal Set
Comes in two separated pieces - the vest and the shirt
Definitely one of the must have!
Oh oh did I mention about the stripes?


We're going to update more these few days. Stay tuned!

We've Been Reveiwed again!

Dear all, we have been reviewed by Apple to My Eye and Fashion Clicks. We feel honoured. Thanks for all the support support all sweethearts that supported Fabulous Dresser. We promise will do better and post more fabulous goodies.

Chapter 3: Gloomy Colours, What Say You?

* Opening Promotion *

Purchase TWO items above get free shipping
All of the items are one of a kind and non restockable!
For reservation kindly email us at

Puffy Princess Blouse
The lantern design is simply lovable! Up to your creativity to match with different styles. Add on a belt to create a luxurious princess style!
Length: 67 cm
Width at bust: 40cm
(Measurements while laying flat)


(Without Flash)

(With Flash)

Polka Long Singlet with lace
Check out the lace at the bottom. Translucence polka dots is simply dazzling.


Knitted Pinafore
(Check out the second picture for the knitted details.)

Match-able with almost everything. Tee, spaghetti, blouse..etc
It's one of a kind! Oh did I mention that there's a cute ribbon on the pinafore?
Simply gorgeous!


The yellow blouse is available HERE

We've been Reviewed!

We've been reviewed by A Shopaholic's Den!

Thanks a lot! We feel honoured for such compliments. We'll keep up with loads of vintage goodies!

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Chapter 3: Mix and Match

Purchase of TWO items above free shipping!

Note: Items on sale are exclusive of the accessories like belts and necklace. They are for display purpose. *PS: The necklaces are on sale, refer to previous post.

Blue Striped Jacket *Highly Recommend*
Oh my, it's totally a must have jacket. It has two cute pockets, comes with laces as well. Refer to the last picture with flash for the stripe texture.



(back)Unique Tee
Pss, there is a line at the centre. The cutting is slimming cutting.
A unique piece. smile.gif


Yellow Vintage Blouse
Mix and match your style. Best match with belt or jacket.

RM 28 (Saw a blogshop selling at RM 35)
Non restockable

Chapter 2: Japan Trip

Ruffles Long Sleeve - From Japan
Selling the top only. The cutting is totally amazing. *Eyes drooling*
Sleeve Length:56CM

RM 35

Japanese Jacket with Singlet
Yes, it comes with two piece. It's one of a kind style that is very rare in the market.
Sleeve Length:58CM
(Inner Spag Length:58CM )


Chapter 1: Vintage Necklaces

From left to right:
G1 Available
G2 Available
G3 Sold

Giraffe 180° Style with Ribbon
The giraffe is able to sway in 180°
How cute it is!

RM 15
Non restockable

Wooden Necklace with Ribbon
One of a kind. Totally vintageous!

RM 20
Non restockable